Talent Policies

Talent Qualifications

Minimum talent qualifications include: college degree on main instrument (classical musicians); non classical talent, ie rock, pop, DJ’s, etc college degree not required; all talent must have a minimum of two years or more performance experience; ability to collaborate with others; among other criteria. Talent must meet GigHubb’s criteria and performance standards to be considered for inclusion in the GigHubb Musician Roster. GigHubb holds the right to accept or deny any talent.

Performance of Services

GigHubb talent hereby agrees to adhere to the following terms and conditions… Call time: Talent shall arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the scheduled gig time, depending on the setup requirements specified by the talent. Music provision: GigHubb may provide music to the talent, or the talent may provide their own music, based on the mutually agreed understanding between GigHubb and the talent. Performance details: GigHubb agrees to furnish the talent with comprehensive performance details in a timely manner prior to the event. This includes information such as instrument requirements, event date, call time, venue location, performance duration, music style, attire guidelines, list of items to bring, equipment specifications, etiquette expectations, and any other pertinent details relevant to the performance.

Type of Performances

Typically, performances involve singular engagements and are specified by a single date and time. However, there are instances where contracts may entail recurring performances, such as weekly commitments, which will be contracted with talent on a case-by-case bases.

Performance Conditions

Talent engaged to perform at an outdoor event shall be afforded shading on sunny days and cover on rainy days, with the aim of preventing health concerns and safeguarding instruments and equipment from damage. The venue or host shall supply chairs for all musicians during the performance. In the event that the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit and male talent are attired in concert tuxedos or suits, they are permitted to remove their suit jackets, performing in shirts (either short or long sleeve). All performing spaces allocated to talent shall have a minimum of 2 feet of free space surrounding their designated area, on all four sides of the ensemble/musician space. Should the event be held outdoors, coverage must be provided at the request of the performers. In the event of a “Rain or Shine” event, if inclement weather necessitates the cancellation of the contracted performance, GigHubb will endeavor to arrange a makeup performance if the cancellation occurs due to inclement weather on the day preceding the event. However, no remuneration will be provided to the talent for the cancelled performance. It is important to note that a makeup performance is not guaranteed in all circumstances.

Payment / Rate

The rate of compensation for each performance by the talent shall be mutually agreed upon between GigHubb and the talent at the time of hiring. GigHubb agrees to remunerate the talent within two weeks following the completion of the performance. Payments from GigHubb to the talent shall be facilitated through Zelle/QuickPay. Upon request, GigHubb may also provide payment to the talent via check. No remuneration agreement may be established or negotiated between a GigHubb client and talent, and no monetary compensation can or will be facilitated from a GigHubb client to talent under any circumstances.

Relationship of Parties

The talent is engaged as a subcontractor under Form W-9 with GigHubb and will be issued a Form 1099 at the end of the tax year for their services rendered to GigHubb, provided that their earnings exceed the applicable tax threshold for that year. GigHubb talent profile requires an annual membership fee of $100, which is renewed on July 1st of every year. 

Equipment / Layout

If talent requires specific accommodations such as access to power, lighting, risers, or other necessities, it is imperative that the talent notifies GigHubb of these requirements at the time of hiring for the event, or promptly thereafter. This allows GigHubb sufficient time to arrange for and facilitate the necessary accommodations. The details provided by the talent regarding their accessibility needs should be specific and comprehensive.

Riders / Perks

Requests for talent hospitality from the venue or host, including items such as bottled water, coffee, energy drinks, food, alcohol, etc., are subject to the discretion and agreement of the event venue or host. GigHubb cannot ensure that the event venue or host will accommodate or agree to the talent’s requests. In the event that the venue or host does not agree to fulfill the talent’s requests, this rider or perk shall be rendered null and void. This circumstance will not impact the talent’s obligation to perform for the contracted event at the venue or host.

Merchandise Sales

If talent requests permission to sell merchandise, the event venue or host is not obligated or required to furnish a designated area for sales or allocate a specific location within the venue for this purpose. Should the venue agree to accommodate the talent’s merchandise request and if the talent requires salespeople to access the event without a ticket, such arrangements must be explicitly coordinated in advance by the talent with GigHubb. GigHubb and/or the venue may stipulate a specific percentage of merchandise sales as a required cut, which will be clearly communicated during the hiring process.

Video / Audio Recordings

The venue/host is prohibited from recording any performance, whether in video or audio format, for the purpose of reproduction or commercial or media use, unless an explicit written agreement has been reached between GigHubb and the talent. In the event that a performance is recorded as mutually agreed upon by GigHubb and the talent, both parties shall be entitled to receive a copy of the recording.

Code of Conduct

If any talent engaged by GigHubb demonstrates unprofessional behavior during a performance, including but not limited to swearing, inappropriate conduct, rudeness, intoxication, or tardiness, said talent will be promptly removed from GigHubb’s roster and disqualified from future bookings. Additionally, the talent may be subject to fines proportional to the financial impact of the event. Furthermore, GigHubb talent is strictly prohibited from engaging in self-promotion to the venue or host during a performance. Violation of this policy will result in the talent’s immediate removal from GigHubb’s roster and disqualification from future bookings. Similarly, fines may be imposed based on the financial loss incurred as a result of breaching the contract.

Parking / Loading & Unloading

If necessary, the venue/host shall furnish a secure area for GigHubb talent to park, load, and unload their equipment. Should the talent require overnight parking for their vehicle and gear, the venue/host will take measures to ensure the safety and security of the talent’s vehicle and property.

Lodging / Transportation

If lodging and/or transportation are required for the talent, it is the responsibility and liability of either the venue/host or the talent, as specified in the contract with the venue/host. This encompasses expenses related to transportation, such as fuel costs or airfare (including airport shuttles), as well as insurance, per diem allowances, and any other associated costs.

Force Majeure

In the event of a force majeure event, known as an ‘act of god’, such as an earthquake, flood, or exceptionally rare weather phenomenon such as a once-in-a-century snowstorm, both GigHubb and the talent shall be absolved of their obligations under the agreement without incurring any consequences or obligation for remuneration.


In order to book a performance through GigHubb, the venue/host agrees to provide safe working conditions for all talent on the premises and to adhere to state laws and building codes. GigHubb bears no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage incurred by the talent to personal property, instruments, or any other belongings. Liability for such losses or damages is assumed by the venue/host. Additionally, it is important to note that the talent is not covered by GigHubb’s insurance for any performance.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that the talent becomes unable to perform at an agreed-upon event and provides timely notice of cancellation, defined as two weeks or more prior to the scheduled performance, the talent is expected to arrange for a replacement to fulfill the gig. Should the talent cancel within two weeks of the scheduled performance, it is mandatory for the talent to secure a replacement. Failure to do so may result in removal from GigHubb’s roster and disqualification from future bookings. Additionally, the talent may be subject to fines, the amount of which will be determined based on the financial impact of the canceled event. GigHubb assures the talent of contracted gigs. However, in the event that a client cancels the scheduled event, thereby preventing the performance from taking place, GigHubb will promptly notify the talent. It is important to note that GigHubb is not obligated to provide compensation to the talent in such circumstances.


The person executing and entering in a contract with GigHubb, either individually, or as a representative of talent, represents and warrants that he or she is eighteen (18) years of age, and further, if executing as an agent or representative, that he or she has the authority to enter into this agreement. GH contract contains the entire agreement between the two parties, and no statements, promises, or intentions by any party hereto, which are not contained in the contract, shall be valid and binding. Contract shall not be enlarged, altered, or modified except in writing by both parties stated hereon. The laws of the state shall govern this agreement. All aspects of the above stated agreement shall be held up and acted out according to the laws of the state. Furthermore, all safety regulations concerning the place of the engagement will uphold to state laws and regulation. Furthermore, verbal agreements are non-binding and all written terms shall supersede all verbal agreements or arrangements.