Solo Musicians

Brian G – Cello

Brian holds a Doctorate in Cello Performance. He has enjoyed many years as a freelance musician in Chicago. He can be heard at chamber events, the symphony, lecture solo recitals, and pop/rock albums.


Cameron S – Violin / Cello

Cameron holds a PhD in Music in Violin Performance. He plays in small and large jazz ensembles with an emphasis on music of the swing era through bebop. As a performer he has experience in a wide range of repertoires. He has worked as a session musician in pop, rock, and country music with producers like Noah Georgeson (The Strokes) and John Keane (R.E.M.).

Daniel G. – Guitar

Daniel holds a Bachelor’s & Master’s in Music in Guitar Performance. He has been an active performer in the Midwest and has played as a soloist as well as in different formats (duos, trios, quartets, etc.). He has performed in many masterclasses for guitarists like David Russel, was part of the guitar quartet “Los Guitarristas”, He has also performed in many festivals like Wold Music Fest, Pilsen Music Fest etc.


Emily R. – Violin

Emily holds her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Violin Performance . She is extremely versed in many styles of music from classical, jazz, strolling, pop, and rock. She has played with many orchestras in the US, festivals, and performed with Jimmy Buffett’s guitarists Peter Mayer and Roger Bartlett. Some of her accolades include multiple recordings, playing for several US Presidents and world leaders, recording endorsements and more.


Emma H. – French Horn / Brass

Emma holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Horn Performance, studying with some of the best horn musicians / performers in the industry. She has performed extensively in the US and has been involved in various groups and ensembles around the greater Chicago area and the Midwest.

Greg C. – Guitar

Greg holds his Bachelor’s degree in Guitar Performance under the guidance of legendary guitarist Bobby Broom. He has performed for many years in the Chicago area.


Jennifer G. – Flute

Jennifer holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Flute Performance. She has been praised for her vibrant tone, polished technique, and outstanding musicality across a broad range of styles. She has performed as soloist and as member with orchestras around Chicago, in the US and abroad.


Julia E. – Violin / Viola

Julia holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Violin Performance. She has been an active violinist/violist in the US with many orchestras, chamber music groups, and on Broadway since 2005.



Lisa B. – Voice

Lisa holds a Master’s in Vocal Performance. She has sang with opera companies around the US and Europe. As a crossover performer in both opera and musical theatre, Lisa has performed in both operas and musicals, and light jazz.


Maddy S. – Flute

Maddy holds a Bachelor’s in Flute. She has performed extensively in the Chicago area for several years.



Maggie B. – Voice

Maggie holds a Bachelor, Master’s, and Performer Diploma in Vocal Performance. Maggie has received many awards around the world and has performed with many groups from opera companies to musicals around the US and Europe.


Marley H. – Violin / Viola

Marley holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Violin Performance. She has performed extensively as a soloist and member of orchestras and professional groups around Chicago and US.


Natalie C. – Trumpet

Natalie holds Bachelor’s in Trumpet Performance. She performs and is a recorded artist in a wide range of styles from classical, jazz, rock, folk, funk, and is also experienced in recording/songwriting and production.

Won L. – Piano

Won holds Bachelor’s and Master’s in Piano Performance. He has won several international and has performed solo and chamber music on the worlds stage. He is still active in music through chamber music, piano recital, and accompaniment, and plays in a wide range of styles from classical to jazz.